Samsung CLP-770ND Manual Printer Drivers

Photo printer can be considered as the special printer that many people use to print photos. That is why the price of this kind of printer can be quite expensive. Even though, there are some people who are always looking for the affordable photo printer for their photo printing needs. If you are looking for a nice photo printer, the Samsung CLP-770ND cab be the solution that you need. Talking about the price that you need to get this printer, this photo printer is not cheap at all. Some people even think that this printer is quite expensive since you need to spend around 500 dollars to buy this printer. Even though, there are some people who think that spending 500 dollars for this printer is something worth to do. The number is worth the features and performances that you can get from this printer.

Fast Photo Printing Speed

The first thing that made this printer is worthy to buy is the printing speed of this printer. Fast printing speed is one of the most essential things that many people consider when they are looking for a photo printer. In many cases, the printing speed of a photo printer is usually less than 20 pages in a minute. However, the actual printing speed of this printer is reaching 22 pages in a minute. That one is the actual data because on the brochure it is stated that you can get up to 33 pages in a minute. That number might be the maximum photo printing speed that you can get from this Samsung CLP-770NDif you are using the low printing quality.

Great Printing Resolution

The next thing to consider from a photo printer is the printing resolution of the printer. Have you ever printed a photo with the blurry output? The main reason might be caused by the small printing resolution of the printer while your photo has the high resolution. To prevent this kind of thing from happening, the best thing that you can do is to get a printer with the high printing resolution. This way, you can be sure that the photo printing output will not be blurry at all. Talking about the maximum resolution, this printer offers you the maximum printing resolution of 9600 dpi. This is the perfect resolution that you need from a printer. With the large printing resolution, you will never get the blurry photo printing output anymore.

Large Printing Duty Cycle

The last thing that made this printer worth to buy despite of its 500-dollar price is the maximum duty cycle of this printer. To make it simple, maximum duty cycle is the maximum number of pages that you can print using the printer in a month. The maximum duty cycle of this printer is reaching 120,000 pages in a month. It means you can easily print up to 4,000 pages of photo every single day using this Samsung CLP-770ND. If you use this printer for business, you can be sure that you will get a lot of profit from that many photo prints.

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