Epson XP-950 Printer Drivers Manual

Having reliable printer is important nowadays. People keep working with document, and this requires device to print the files. In this case, there are many kinds of good printer products that can be found. Brands have released various models of printer for different segments, and each of them has different specification to offer. Epson XP-950 is one of these great printers. The device offers compact and simple design. Inside its simplicity, there are some good points of performance that will be necessary in dealing with documents.

Performance of Epson XP-950

The first interesting point about this printer is about its multifunction feature. This works as what people expect in current technologies. They want to get more functions and benefits in single device, and the printer provides the users with these. The printer is not only working as printer, but it offers functions as copier and scanner. The built-in scanning technology installed on the device enables user to use the printer for various options in handling documents and files. Then, they will not need to worry about having additional devices anymore.

In term of performance, there are some interesting things to underline. First, printing speed of Epson XP-950 is up to 9.5 pages per minute for mono printing. In printing color pages, it can print up to 9 pages per minute. For a personal printer with compact design, this seems enough. Moreover, the printer is equipped with great printing technology that utilizes 6 types of ink color. This is great in term of its printing quality. This enables the devices to print photos. For a borderless photo, it will only need around 11 seconds. To make it better, the printer supports resolution up to 5760 x 1440 dpi.

Features of Epson XP-950

Great performance will be complete when it is supported by useful features. In this case, the printer provides nice accessibility in operating it. This already supports wireless connectivity. Printing wirelessly is possible to do, and it will not take complicated configuration to use. People only need to connect the PC or laptop to the printer by using the wireless connection. Once the devices are connected, printing command can run, and the process will be started. In addition to the wireless printing, the printer already supports mobile printing, so it is easier in case users want to print files located in smartphone or tablet. Moreover, users are able to print file directly from CD drive. There is already available slot to insert the disk, so it is no longer necessary to transfer or move files before printing them.

Moreover, the device supports duplex printing or two-sided printing. This feature may sound simple, and even some people do not use it. In fact, this is good feature to save the paper. Instead of printing on single side of paper, people can print on both sides of paper conveniently. They do not need to make various kinds of adjustment and setting. The process is very easy to follow. Since it uses both sides of paper, the paper consumption can be cut up to 50%. In term of efficiency, this surely becomes great point of Epson XP-950.

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