Epson XP-8500 Scanner Drivers Software

Having compact and sleek printer is necessary. The space will not be taken and dominated by the printer once it is configured and ready to use. However, having compact design does not mean that the device is less interesting. In fact, there are various devices available in compact design, but its performance can be at the same level as other products. As for the reference, there is Epson XP-8500. This is nice printer with various features and other interesting aspects.

Printing Features of Epson XP-8500

In term feature, there are many aspects to discuss. In this case, status of this device as the multifunction printer can become first point of information. As its name, the device has more than just a function. The device has scanning technology installed on the product. With this, the printer can work as scanner. Even, it can copy the files. It will not be difficult anymore whenever people want to handle documents. Things are faster to access.

Then, Epson XP-8500 already supports the wireless printing technology. As its name, the users of printer do not need to depend on USB cable anymore. They are able to print and access the printer remotely. They do not need to get closer to the printer, so later it is still possible to print from different rooms. As long as the devices are connected wireless without any error, then printing command can be sent, and there will be no complicated difficulties in operating the device. Furthermore, the manufacturer of the device already prepares easier access to print from CD or DVD. They do not need to transfer the file whenever they want to print the files.

Printing Speed and Quality of Epson XP-8500

For the aspect of performance, printing speed becomes important factor to consider. This can determine user’s experience and satisfaction in using the device. In this case, the printer is able to provide printing speed up to 9.5 pages per minute for printing the mono document. For the color printing, its printing speed reaches 9 pages per minute. The, the printer also supports photo printing. For 4 x 6 borderless photos, it can be printed in around 10 seconds. This surely becomes good numbers to measure its performance.

For the aspect of quality, the printer has inkjet technology. The MicroPiezo technology becomes important factors that provide quality enhancement for the printer. The print head is also excellent since it can produce 5 picoliters of droplets. With the very small droplets, the printer is able to manage better results in term of its sharpness of the printing outputs. As for the aspect of printing resolution, it is up to 5760 x 1440 dpi. This is more than enough to print documents and photos.

To make it more convenient to use, the printer has 6 types of ink. This is good point since it will be able to produce richer colors. Moreover, the ink is located in separated tanks. This is very helpful in case the printer runs out of ink. The users do not need to replace the whole cartridge or tank, but they only need to deal with the empty tank of Epson XP-8500. This is easier to replace, and it becomes good way to save the costs.

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