Epson XP-5100 Printer Drivers Software

Nowadays, people need printers that can provide them with various functions at once. Some years ago, this may not be possible. However, now the technologies have developed, so printers also evolve, and these make the devices more reliable to use. That is why people now look for the multifunction printer. This is something great since people will not only be able to use the device for printing documents, but now they are able to use the printer for copy and scan files. For the reference, Epson XP-5100 is good example of multifunction printer.

Performance of Epson XP-5100

In term of performance, the concern mostly talks about the printing speed. In this case, the device is good reference of personal printer. As a personal printer, the speed should be good, but it is not necessary to make it printing the files quickly. In this case, the printer is able to provide mono printing speed up to 14 pages per minute. When users want to print documents with some images or pictures attached in there, it will be able to print up to 7 pages per minute. With this speed, it is not the best printing speed to find in multifunction printer. However, this is more than sufficient as a personal printer.

After the aspect of speed, performance is related to the printing quality. The output should be great, and it is also what is offered by Epson XP-5100. The printer uses 4 colors of ink. Then, its inkjet printing technology is supported by MicroPiezo that will enhance its printing quality. The enhancement may not be visible when users print the mono documents. It will be different once the files have some pictures or other animation. With the existence of its inkjet technology, it is not big problem. Then, its ink droplet size is around 3.3 picoliters. The size is small enough to provide better contrast and sharpness in printing the files.

Convenient in Using Epson XP-5100

Next, there are some features offered by the printer. This device has some useful features that will make all users print conveniently without any problems. For example, there is 2.4 inch LCD installed on the surface of the printer. This will be the main windows to access all kinds of setting and adjustment on the printer. Navigating each printing command will also be easier to do.

Then, the printer already supports wireless printing. This is very useful since now people are reluctant to use too much wires or cables for various devices. By having the wireless printing feature, it is no longer necessary to depend on the USB cable. Printing remotely is very possible to do. As long as the devices are connected to the same network, it is possible to print from the different location of the device.

In order to make it more convenient, there is large paper tray. The tray at least can handle up to 150 papers. For personal use, the maximum capacity may not be affected. Having a tray is also useful since it will help users, so they do not need to reload or place the paper whenever they want to print. The tray of Epson XP-5100 with its capacity will save the time for preparing the paper manually.

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