Epson Artisan 810 Manual Printer Drivers

Epson releases various products of printer. There are many models and series, and series of Artisan is one of the popular ones. As its name, Artisan is dedicated for people who have special interest in printing the arts, especially in term of pictures and photos. The printers of Artisan model offer good performance in photo printing with its excellent output quality. There are some series coming of this model, and Epson Artisan 810 is one of them. The printer is awesome since it provides more than just excellent photo printing, but there are still other interesting points to offer.

Using Epson Artisan 810 Comfortably

It is true that the printer can provide convenient for all users who print the files by using the device. This offers touch screen in large size. 7.8-inch screen is provided by the manufacturer so users can adjust and access all menus and run all commands easily. Even, the screen provides access to view and edit the photo or picture files before they are printed. This is very convenient especially when users want to print the files directly from CD or DVD. Printing directly from these disks is possible since there is slot. It is very convenient and users do not need to use PC to print.

Then, the Epson Artisan 810 provides wireless printing feature. The feature is useful for users who need mobility. They may need easier access for printing in which they do not need to get close the printer whenever they what to do it. They do not need to use USB whenever they print, and it is very helpful. They only need to use wireless connection and connect the PC to the printer. After that, the printing tasks can be performed. The wireless feature also supports mobile printing, so it is more convenient in case users want to print directly from mobile devices. Regarding the connectivity, the printer support Ethernet, and it is important factors in case the printer is used in offices where there are many users who need to use and access the printer.

Good Performance of Epson Artisan 810

The features above are supported by good performance of this printer. The device is surely dedicated for photo printing. It is not only in term of its printing speed, but it is also in the aspect of quality. The quality is provided by the Claria Hi-Definition ink technology with its 6 ink colors. The six colors will be able to produce richer colors, so the photos printed by the printer can have high level of similarity as its original file. Then, its photo printing speed is excellent. For 4 x 6 borderless photo, it can be printed in less than 10 seconds. This is nice speed, and it does not need much time for its preparation. This is useful in case users need to print some photos.

The printing speed on the regular documents is also awesome. Both mono and color printing speed do not show big difference. For mono printing, the device is able to print up to 9.5 pages per minute. Then, the color printing speed is around 9.1 pages per minute. Both of them do not show big gap of speed, so it may not make people wait for too long in case they need to print some pages of documents by using Epson Artisan 810, even when there are images in the pages.

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