Epson Artisan 730 Printer Drivers Series

When people talk about printer, now its function is not only limited to print document. The development of printing technologies improves the quality of cartridge, print head, and other important parts that have important aspects in determining the print quality. This is also why some printers can have great excellent in printing, even when the devices are utilized to print photos and images on certain types of paper for printing photos. This type of printing requires good quality, and it is also what is found in Epson Artisan 730. The Artisan series introduce excellent performance of photo printing, and there are still other interesting aspects of the printer coming from this device.

Performance of Epson Artisan 730

It is true that the printer is excellent for photo printing. It can be seen from its borderless photo printing speed. It is able to print 4 x 6 borderless photo in less than 10 seconds. This will be so useful especially users want to print some photos. They will not need to worry about the time spent for the printing process. Even if it prints fast, it will not make the quality bad. The printer uses Claria Hi-Definition technology. This is important aspect that combines six colors of ink and printing technology to boost its photo outputs. By having this, the photos can maintain good sharpness and contrast while still having rich colors.

For the regular printing, printing speed of Epson Artisan 730 is also satisfying. For mono printing, the printer is able to print up to 9.6 pages per minute. Then, for color printing, it is able to reach 9.1 pages per minute. There is no big gap between mono and color printing speed. It is efficient to use since later users still can print the documents conveniently even if there are combinations of texts and images on the file. They will not need to wait for too long until the files are fully printed.

Convenient of Printing with Epson Artisan 730

Performance in its photo printing does not become the only great point of the printer. The printer provides some features that will make the users able to use the device conveniently. Firstly, this is actually not just a printer, but it is a multifunction printer. The device has built-in scanning technology, and it allows the printer to work as scanner and copier. There are three functions in a device, and it is what makes this effective and efficient device.
Then, the device already supports wireless printing. Nowadays, people expect to use less wires and cables in their life, and the printer answers the expectation. It does not require users to use USB cable whenever they want to print. It is able to use wireless connection to connect printer and computers. With this, it allows users to print remotely. They do not need to worry about the distance. As long as the devices are still connected, printing is very possible to do.

When these are not enough, the printer supports mobile printing. This is more convenient, and it makes the wireless printing feature complete. This does not only allow users to print wirelessly, but they are able to print directly from their phones or tablets. They do not need to worry about transferring or moving the files before printing. Since it is dedicated for photo printing, this helps users who have cameras. Now, they are able to print directly from the memory card slots. These all are great features of Epson Artisan 730.

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