Canon PIXMA TS9150 Manual Printer Drivers

In offices, it is necessary to have great printer. This is important devices, and surely many employees will need the printer to get their documents printed. Of course, there are many printers to choose, and it can be quite tricky to get the good printer. As for references, Canon PIXMA TS9150 is great choice. This printer is dedicated for the office environment where many people will need the services offered by the printer.

Key Performance of Canon PIXMA TS9150

One of the reasons that make this printer is good for office is the fact that it is a multifunction printer. Effectiveness and efficiency is necessary in the offices. Small and big offices will think the same way whenever they are going to buy devices. It should be effective, and it is better when it is efficient. The multifunction feature of this printer allows the users to use the device for printing, scanning, and copying. These three functions are necessary whenever people work on documents. Now, at least they do not need to have separated devices for these functions. Of course, even if it is good for offices, it is also fine to use the devices for personal use.

Then, this printer already supports some options of connectivity. It is no longer necessary to use USB cable as the main option to get connected to the printer. This printer provides both Ethernet and also wireless connection. Ethernet is useful in case there are many users. Many computers can be connected to the single printer, and it is surely efficient. Then, wireless connectivity is also great since it allows people to print remotely, so they do not need to bring the laptop or transfer the files to the closest location of the printer. These two options of connectivity offered by Canon PIXMA TS9150 are surely necessary in the office environment where there are many users and they need the easy access in using the printer.

Performance of Canon PIXMA TS9150

These two features offered by the printer are surely useful. However, it will be less useful in case it cannot provide good performance. In the end, performance of the device still becomes the main considerations. In this case, the printer can provide good printing resolution. Its resolution can reach 4800 x 1200 dpi. For printing documents with images, this resolution is more than enough. Its print head is also great in providing high quality of results in case users need the printer to print photos. This can happen due to its printing technology that improves the photo printing, such as the CrhomaLife100.

As for its printing speed, the mono printing is around 15 images per minute, while the color printing is around 10 images per minute. Then, it has feature of auto duplex printing to easily print on both sides of paper. As for its function as scanner, the device can scan a document in around 14 seconds. This is supported by resolution up to 2400 x 4800 dpi. As for its copying performance, it can copy document up to 6.5 images per minute. These key features and performance details are good reasons to choose Canon PIXMA TS9150 for the device to help people in handling documents.

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