Canon PIXMA TS5320 Manual Drivers Software

If you are now looking for a new printer with nice appearance and design, Canon PIXMA TS5320 can become good choice. This printer can be called nice printer for anyone who needs device in nice design. It brings compact style of printer. Then, it has some variations of colors that you can choose. It is not only limited to the black and white colors, but there more nicer colors. Even, blue color is available. Of course, these are not the only reasons of choosing this device. There are still more good points regarding this printer.

Features of Canon PIXMA TS5320

Compact design does not mean compact and limited features. In fact, this still brings some useful features that will make this printer great partners in handling documents. Some features will help you to finish your jobs easier, while the other gives easier access in operating the printer. For example, this printer already supports multifunction features. This is quite common to find in current printers, and this is something useful. This feature makes the printer able to provide you with more functions. It is not only to print documents, but the printer is able to provide you with function of scanning and copying. This can happen since the printer already gets scanning technology installed in it. It will provide convenient when you need to use the devices for various functions. Now, you do not need to find other devices to obtain these functions.

Then, Canon PIXMA TS5320 already uses wireless connectivity. This is interesting features that will allow you to access the printer easily. It is no longer necessary for you to depend on the USB cable whenever you want to use the printer. Now, you can connect the PC to the printer wirelessly. This allows you to print remotely without worrying about the cable. As long as your PC or laptop is connected to the same wireless connection, printing from other room is very possible to do. Moreover, this provides access for mobile printing. In case you have files in your gadgets, you do not need to transfer the files before printing. Now, it is possible to print directly from the mobile devices. This will make things effortless.

Performance of Canon PIXMA TS5320

These two features are surely helpful and beneficial. However, this printer is not only about the features. There are great performances that will support the function of this personal printer. This printer is great device to print both documents and photos. The use of great cartridge and its print head technology allows the printer to produce good photo printing quality. In this case, it is also able to provide good printing speed. For mono printing, its printing speed reaches 13 images per minute, while it is up to 6.8 images per minute for color printing. For the 4 x 6 borderless photo, it will be printed completely in around 43 seconds.

In copying document, the speed is up to 4 images per minute, and it is able to duplicate up to 99 copies. Then, it provides feature for you in case you need to resize the copying results. You can make it smaller up to 25% of the original size, and it gives access to make enlarge the size up to 400% based on its original documents. As for its scanning function, it provides resolution up to 1200 x 2400 dpi. It is also convenient to scan document since Canon PIXMA TS5320 supports wireless scanning.

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