Canon Pixma TR8550 Scanner Drivers Software

Having printer is necessary nowadays. Printing the documents will be done many times, especially for students or staff in the offices who have to deal with files. In this case, there are many products of printer. Each of them has different specifications, and it is necessary to get good printer. As for personal printer, there is Canon Pixma TR8550 as the reference. This printer is manufactured by Canon, one of the famous printer manufacturers. There are many great devices coming from the brand, and this printer is one of them. This is good choice of personal printer with many features.

Specifications of Canon Pixma TR8550

In choosing printer, of course specification is necessary part. This will determine its performance. In other words, the values are measured based on the specifications found in the printer. In this case, this printer is in the category of multifunction printer. It means that it is not only to print documents, but the device can work as scanner, copier, and fax machines. Four functions are available in single devices, and this is enough reasons to consider choosing the printer to help the users in many tasks that have to deal with documents. They do not need to find separated devices anymore, since all functions necessary in working with documents are already provided in this device.

In term of its printing performance, Canon Pixma TR8550 can provide good resolution. Its resolution reaches 4800 x 1200 dpi. This is more than enough for printing both texts and images. Even, pictures can be printed in good quality. Then, its printing speed for mono document is up to 15 images per minute, so it is more than enough for personal printer. Regarding the color printing speed, it is up to 10 images per minute. With these speeds, the printer is good enough for small offices.

As for its function as scanner, its scanning result resolution is in 1200 x 2400 dpi. For scanning an A4 paper document, approximately it will take around 15 seconds. Of course, this is quite good enough. As for its copying performance, the printer can copy up to 8 images per minute. This is also supported by the feature of resizing the copying results. It can shrink the document up to 25% and enlarge it up to 400%. These details of specifications are surely enough to make it useful in dealing with documents every day.

Features of Canon Pixma TR8550

In term of feature, the printer already supports wireless printing. This is something useful nowadays. As people want to make things easier, of course it is great when they are able to print without coming closing and plugging in the USB cable. With the wireless printing, users can print remotely as long as the device is connected to the printer wirelessly. Moreover, it also allows mobile printing.

For users who need multitasking, the printer has Automatic Document Feeder. This is useful for people who cannot wait for the process while leaving other jobs. With this, they can easily scan and copy the documents, and they can leave the process to run automatically. While Canon Pixma TR8550 is working, they can do finish other jobs.

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