Canon PIXMA iP8720 Scanner Drivers Software

Buying a new photo printer can be quite annoying for some people. The main reason is of course because of the expensive price of the photo printer. If you are thinking about the same thing, then you can always opt for the better option such as Canon PIXMA iP8720. This printer from Canon cannot be considered as the best photo printer. Yet, there are some nice features from this printer that can give you the nice photo printing output that you need. As an addition to that, the price of this printer is still considerably affordable. With the average price of 250 dollars, you can get all of these nice features below.

Borderless Printing Feature

The first one is the borderless printing feature. This is one of the most important feature that a photo printer needs to have. That is because with this feature, you can maximize the printing area on the paper. Of course, this feature does not mean that you will be able to fully print on the paper. However, this feature can help you to use up to 97 percent of the paper for the photo print. This way, you can say that there will be no wasteful area on the paper.

High Printing Resolution Feature

High resolution is one important feature from a photo printer. With this feature, you do not need to worry about printing a photo with large resolution too. Can you imagine if your printer can only print up to 2400 dpi while you are printing a photo of 24MP quality? You can be sure that the output will be totally blurry. However, the Canon PIXMA iP8720 is totally different. This printer is able to print up to the maximum printing resolution of 9600 dpi. It means printing a photo with the maximum resolution of 24MP will not be a problem at all.

Natural Color Combination Feature

The next feature that you will need from a photo printer is the precise and natural color combination. Since you are printing a photo, the natural color will be one important aspect to consider. In order to achieve that kind of result, you will need a printer with amazing ink. This printer from Canon is one of them. Yes, this printer is already using six individual ink tanks to help you achieving the perfect color combination that will help you to get the most natural photo printing output.

Wireless Printing Feature

The last feature might not be that related with the photo printing needs. Even though, this feature is one thing that many people will love to have from their modern printer. It is the wireless printing feature. This feature helps you to print from many different sources in an instant. You can even print directly from your smartphone. This way, if you took a nice picture, you can directly print it using the Canon PIXMA iP8720. You only need to download the application into your smartphone, send the photo that you want to print to the cloud, and this printer will print it immediately.

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