Canon PIXMA GM4050 Megatank Printer Drivers

For those who think that a monochrome printer is not something worth to buy, then you need to take a look at the Canon PIXMA GM4050. There are a lot of monochrome printers out there and this printer from Canon is one of the best that you can get nowadays. If you are wondering why you need to take on this printer, then you need to know some of these things below. These amazing things below are considered as the top reasons why you need to get this monochrome printer for all of your printing needs, at home and at the office.

Easy Ink Refill System

The first one is that you do not need to worry that much about refilling the empty ink bottle. It is something common for many people to refill their ink bottle, but unfortunately this can be quite bothering for some people. That is why this printer from Canon is using the standing bottle that you can easily fill without any problem at all. this way, refilling the whole three bottles of ink will not take you more than five minutes. You can even fill those three bottles in a minute or two.

Cheap Cost-per-Page Comparison

One thing that many people are thinking quite thoroughly when they are using a printer is the cost that they need to pay for printing. This one is specifically for those who are printing a lot of things every single day. For your information, this Canon PIXMA GM4050 printer is considered as something very friendly when you are asking about the printing price. It is because the printing cost of this printer is very affordable. Three bottles of ink from this printer can be used to print up to 18,000 pages. It means if a bottle of ink costs you around 17 dollars, then you only need around 2.8 cents to print on a piece of paper using this printer.

Nice Productivity Feature

If you are going to print a lot of things, then you need a printer that can help you with that. When you are talking about the productivity, this printer is quite helpful because of the large paper tray capacity. Some other printers might have the limitation of 250 sheets of paper on its feeder. However, this printer offers you up to 350 sheets of paper feeder capacity. It means when you have to print a lot of things, you do not need to add more and more paper that often.

Connect to Your Smartphone

Smartphone is one of the most essential things that many people needs nowadays. Canon realized that and that is also one of the main reasons why you can use your smartphone to print directly to this printer. Yes, you only need to download the Canon PRINT application in your smartphone and you can start printing directly using your smartphone. The data will be uploaded to the cloud and the Canon PIXMA GM4050 will get the file that you want to print from there.

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