Brother MFC-J995DW Color Inkjet printer

When you look for new printer, there are surely many options. Various brands and different types of models are available in the stores. It can be quite confusing to get the best one. In case you are now looking for multifunction printer with excellent features, Brother MFC-J995DW can become one of the products to get your attention. This printer has some interesting points that may be suitable for your demands of devices to work with documents.

Excellent Cartridge of Brother MFC-J995DW

Ink cartridge becomes important parts of printer. The print head on the cartridge will determine the quality of printing output. Then, the capacity of the ink will determine the time when you have to replace and get new cartridge of ink yield. In this case, the printer provides you with something interesting called INKvestment Tank Ink System. The ink tank becomes part of investment for you in using the printer. This is because there is ink tank that works as storage for ink. This has large volume of capacity, so it is not necessary for you to worry about running out of ink in using the printer. The ink will last for longer period of time.

Even, it is possible to use the ink for whole year. It is based on the estimation that you will print around 150 pages in a month. With this large capacity, of course you do not need to worry about running out of ink when you are using Brother MFC-J995DW. In this case, you even are possible to know the consumption of ink and the remaining ink. The information is provided by the Page Gauge. This is interesting features to help you, so you can always predict when you should get ink refilled in the tank.

Easy Connection of Brother MFC-J995DW

In some devices, USB cable or wired connection still becomes the main option to operate the printer. This makes things quite difficult, especially when you are mobile person who need flexibility in working. In this case, Brother MFC-J995DW really knows that you need flexible access, so the printer will provide you with it. The printer does not only depend on the wired connection, but you are able to access the wireless connection. This enables you to print remotely, so it is not necessary to come closer and use the cable anymore.

When the wireless connection is not enough, actually this printer also supports NFC. This is interesting feature since it makes things much easier to access. It will be beneficial especially when you have many files saved in your mobile devices. You only need to touch the printer with your mobile phone or tablet, and the files can be ready to print. This is surely convenient features offered by this printer. Moreover, if you are person who love multitasking, the printer has something interesting for you. This has automatic document feeder. This will be useful in case you want to copy or scan many pages of documents. You only need to insert the documents in the feeder, and then it will operate automatically. You do not need to check and monitor each process. While the device is working, you are able to do other things. By using this feature of Brother MFC-J995DW, working can become more comfortable.

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