Brother MFC-J5945DW All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Printer is no longer strange devices. In most offices and other building, it is possible to find various printers since these have becomes necessary tools. Even if documents may be accessible in digital formats, printed files are still needed. That is why function of printer is still necessary, and even it keeps developing. The printer becomes more useful since it becomes multifunction devices that can work as printer, scanner, and copier. Brother MFC-J5945DW becomes one of its examples. This is great devices suitable for personal and business usage.

High Capacity of Brother MFC-J5945DW Cartridge

One of the interesting points offered by the printer is its printing capacity. The ink consumption of the printer is very awesome. It will not take much ink for printing, and it is good for its efficiency. Moreover, its ink cartridge can print documents for 1 year without refilling or replacing the cartridge. This is nice fact to provide, and it will not make users spend much money to refill and replace the ink cartridge. This is good way to save the costs.

Then, Brother MFC-J5945DW provides options of Super or Ultra High Yield Inkvestment. From its name, I it sounds unique. It combines ink and investment. It is not just about name or label, but it is surely something real. The option of ink cartridge creates investment. The extra-volume of ink cartridge becomes investment since it will save costs for buying or refilling the ink. This is something interesting. For its basic cartridge, it is already enough to print for up to 1 year without refilling with estimation of 300 pages each month. With extra-volume cartridge, it will give higher capacity, so it will cut the expenses.

Flexibility in Using Brother MFC-J5945DW

The printer surely provides convenient due to its great volume capacity. However, this is not the only interesting things offered by Brother MFC-J5945DW. The printer provides flexibility in printing. For example, it can be seen based on its paper handling. It does not only cover single type of paper size or type. This can have some options, and its maximum size is paper with measurement of 11 x 17 inch. To make it more convenient in printing, users have two options of tray in the printer. The first tray can contain up to 500 papers. Then, the second paper tray is multifunctional tray for various types of paper with capacity up to 100 papers. The optional tray is great to contain envelopes, cardstock, and other types of papers for specific types of printing.

Then, the printer provides flexibility in connecting the printer. There are some great options of connectivity. It means that people do not need to depend on the USB as the only access. It can work on wired and wireless connection. Even, the printer supports Ethernet connection, so it is very possible to connect the printer with some PC. That is why it is very suitable for business printer. With its wireless printing, it allows users to print the documents remotely by using Brother MFC-J5945DW. All of these features make the printer special and very convenient to use.

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