Brother HL-L5100DN Mono Laser Printer

Printing is always necessary in many aspects. Schools and offices will need printer since these places will always involve documents. The files must be printed so later it can be checked or distributed. For the offices and businesses, of course there is certain specification to demand, and one of the aspects is its great performance. Conventional printers are possible to use, but it is not so convenient. It needs business-specialized printer, and Brother HL-L5100DN is one of them. This printer is great in term of performance, and there are still more things to find from the device.

Awesome Printing Speed of Brother HL-L5100DN

The printer utilizes laser printing technology. It no longer uses the inkjet printing system, so it is possible to boost its printing speed. This is something interesting that will boost its printing performance, especially in term of speed. The printer can print up to 42 pages per minute. This is not simple speed. By utilizing the speed, users will not need to take much time in printing the files. Based on its estimation of printing speed, each page of document can be printed in less than 2 seconds.

Then, Brother HL-L5100DN is supported by its toner cartridge. The cartridge provides large volume of ink capacity. Moreover, laser printing technology also takes less ink consumption. That is why a single cartridge is enough to print up to 8,000 pages. This is very effective, and it will be able to effectively cut the cost for printing documents. Moreover, in the office, there will be hundreds of page to print, so having cost efficiency in printing document is very beneficial.

Flexible Printing of Brother HL-L5100DN

Printing by this printer is also convenient due to its flexibility. First flexible access of Brother HL-L5100DN is caused by the paper handling. In this case, users can have some options of paper try. The basic paper try can handle up to 250 pages. Then, there is optional tray that can handle more paper options. These are very convenient to use. In addition to its paper capacity that will allow users to save time in reloading the paper, this is very easy in case it is necessary to print by using different types of paper.

Then, it is flexible in term of connectivity. Since it is dedicated as business printer, this is not device that can be connected to single PC or computer. In fact, it supports Ethernet interface. In other words, some devices can be connected to the printer. This will be efficient in the office where there are many users. It means that each PC will not need to have separated printer. This can save the costs. Since it is able to print document fast, it will not make other users to wait for long time in case they are in queue of printing.

Moreover, Brother HL-L5100DN can provide feature of double-sided printing. This means that the printer will be able to perform printing on both sides of paper, and it is not necessary for users to do things manually. The printer already provides adjustment or setting for it. They only need to activate the feature before they print the files, and it is surely time-saving.

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