Brother HL-3170CDW Wireless All-in-One Printer

Printer becomes important device. It is necessary when people have to use documents. In this case, there are many kinds of printer to find. Each brand has different products for various segments of users. Brother is one of the famous brands of printer, and Brother HL-3170CDW is one of the products. The printer provides various interesting points regarding its features and performances. These are something valuable that may become references.

Performance of Brother HL-3170CDW

This is type of multifunction printer. As its name, this provides some functions, and it is not limited to the function for printing. In fact, this printer is equipped with scanning technology. That is why it is possible to operate as scanner, and even copier. All three functions necessary for working with documents are available in this device. This means that users do not need to buy separated devices for each of the functions. This becomes compact package.

When it is about performance, speed will become the main consideration. When it is great with those functions yet there is no good speed, it will be less interesting. Fortunately, the manufacturer makes Brother HL-3170CDW able to perform well in term of its speed. Its printing speed is up to 23 pages per minute. It means that each page can be printed in less than 2 seconds. Moreover, it is able t handle both the color and mono printing. Even if there are images or photos attached on the document, it can be printed well with excellent printing speed.

Moreover, this printer brings compact design. This is something necessary since it will not take big space for its installation. It can be placed easily on the table next to the computer or other places as long as it is convenient to operate. Even if it is compact, it is useful and powerful. It also provides automatic duplex printing. This is useful for users who need to print effectively without using more papers. They are able to easily print on both sides of paper and its setting is already available in the driver of this printer.

Features of Brother HL-3170CDW

When it talks about features, its cost-saving feature is worth the attention. In this case, duplex printing is one of the parts of this feature. This will help users to cut the paper consumption since they are able to easily print on both sides of paper instead of using single paper for single page. Then, it has large volume of ink capacity. This is also supported by its ink consumption that is so efficient. By this combination, users do not need to refill the ink or replace the cartridge too often. Brother HL-3170CDW will be able to save the costs for ink.

Next, the printer provides flexibility. For some printers, they still need to use USB cables for connection. The wired connectivity is the only access offered by the printers. However, it is quite different in this device. Brother HL-3170CDW already brings wireless connection. This will be helpful for anyone who wants to print remotely. This is very possible to do, and it is more convenient that coming closer to the printer and use the cable.

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