Brother DCP-J1100DW Colour Inkjet Printer

Printer becomes valuable devices. For students or staff, this is important devices, especially when they are going to deal with documents. When they need to print, they will need to use the device to get the printed documents. Then, now printer can work for more functions. It is not only limited to the function of printing, but now printer can work as scanner and copying. These surely make the device more useful for anyone who needs to deal with documents. These functions can be found in some printers, and Brother DCP-J1100W is one of them. This printer is developed by Brother, and this is going to be reliable devices.

Specifications of Brother DCP-J1100W

When people want to buy a printer, they will need many references of consideration. In this case, specification of Brother DCP-J1100W should also be considered. As a multifunction printer, this provides complete set of function for scanning, printing, and copying. For printing, its printing speed can reach 12 images per minute for the mono printing. Then, for its color printing, the difference gap is not too big. Its speed is able to reach 10 images per minute. This is surely something interesting, since these speeds are more than enough for small scale of offices, so it is surely enough for students.

Then, the printer supports wireless printing. This is very convenient to use. Users do not need to depend on USB cables when they need to print. They can easily access the printer and get connected through the wireless connectivity. It means that printing remotely is possible to do as long as the devices are connected through the same connection. This is not only for the computers and laptops, but the feature allows mobile printing. This means that people can print files easily from the mobile devices. These are many functions and convenience coming from the wireless feature.

Some Useful Features

The printer is very convenient to use. When users buy the device, they will get three-year warranty. This is good warranty, and it is very convenient in case there are some unexpected errors due to malfunctions. Of course, this does not mean that the printer is fragile. This warranty is given to face some unexpected problems since these are still products of machine, so some errors or problems are still possible to exist. Then, in addition to the warranty, Brother DCP-J1100W has great ink box. All types of ink are enough to handle printing for around 2 years without refilling. This is surely enough capacity, so users will not need to worry about the running of ink for quite long period of time.

Moreover, the printer has automatic document feeding. The feeder can handle up to 20 sheets. This is surely interesting feature of the printer since it will allow the printer to reload or feed the paper automatically. This will be very useful when it is to handle copying and scanning tasks. Users will not need to wait for the process while inserting each page of documents. The process of Brother DCP-J1100W will run automatically, so they only need to wait for the process and are still able to do other jobs.

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