is a new site built in mid-2019. This site is a site created by the Admin who used to be called by the name of Kribo a private employee, blogger and an editor and illustrator in one company. Starting from a passion with a variety of technological goods and likes to read both the specifications, advantages and advantages of a hardware and software and more, I think why not give and re-inform the info about the technology is mainly the printer and its scope for visitors to the site . what is written on this site is a personal experience when troubleshooting / buying a printer, and doing computer service from people nearby.

With the price information blog and printer specifications and the scope, it is expected that visitors who are still fairly unfamiliar and lacking information about this printer printing tool, can take a little information from what is searched, and can have an overview of info about the advantages, reviews, and comparisons with several brands of competitors, so as not to regret when found the destination.

Do not forget also about the price of the printer information that both new and also its former condition, in addition to the readers as well can easily find the location information and the address of the service center of several major printer brands in Indonesia that we have shared in the category tips. And keep in mind also the author tries to share the good information it writes itself and summarizes from several sources with great hope can benefit visitors.

For criticism and suggestions can be sent via email author at or can directly comment on every post, we will gladly reply to your comments. we also hope that the visitors can share and provide information about some brands or types of printers so that Team can review them for you in this website.